Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Early" has passed on ...

Well, we realize now that Webster's nickname "Early," was very appropriate, as he has left this earthly realm much too early. We cannot begin to express the huge loss we are feeling right now.

Early slept peacefully last night, right next to our palette on the floor. His breathing was good and we knew he was not feeling any pain thanks to the meds. He woke us around 3:30 a.m., vocalizing a little to us ... not whimpering, or stressful sounding in any way, but rather a few sounds of resignation. We debated about whether he needed to go outside, but he continued sleeping peacefully, so we let him. A while later, we heard a soft bark from him ... the first and only bark of any kind he'd made in his time with us. We know now he was telling us thanks and good-bye. We woke up around 7:00 a.m. to find him lifeless.

I'm struggling to even get this written ... there's a loss beyond words. Many of you have probably experienced this with your beloved pets who have passed on, so you know the feelings. I found myself sitting next to his poor, tired body, trying to warm him up and bring him back somehow ....

I spent sometime sitting outside trying to understand what we may have missed, what we could have done differently ... trying to understand how we failed to heal little "Early." A thought floated through my mind that sometimes it's not about healing but about helping.

Many of YOU have helped us and Early - a mountain of gratitude to all of you! Your donations, positive calls and emails and prayers of support were felt so deeply. On a positive note, the donations helped pay for his fluids and meds and these will still be put to good use. The vet's staff assured us they will use them for rescue dogs (Riverview Animal Hospital - they have been wonderful and caring). So, your gifts will keep on giving to other sweet Early's out there. Bless all of you and thank you so much for helping us.

Love, steph and mike
Webster's new permanent home on the web will be this blog, reachable at:

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